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What Is Christmas To You?

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Strange thing about Christmas is all of the whoop la that comes from non believers. But, Christmas is a lot more than Nativity Scenes. Christmas is more experiential in that we give to others that may be in need and how can anyone object to doing right by others?

I am sure we would find many many stories including miracles that would come from the Christmas Holiday, year after year. I know that for me I had a miracle on Christmas Even one year. I was used by God to give a miracle to a eighty something year old man that was choking on a piece of chicken. I was able to preserve the life of this man by giving him the Heimlich method.

Another time I was enrolled in a self realization course that helped us stretch out of our comfort zones. One year a family was blessed by a few of us that was in the program. We were asked to bless a family of four with a turkey and all of the trimmings. Sounds easy enough does it not? There was one condition of which we could not spend a dime of our own money. We were inspired to go to other people and involved them in what we were doing so that they would feel inclined to help us gather the items we needed to help a family in need.

We did not know who was going to be the proud recipients of this Christmas meal, because we needed to go and find a family that could really be blessed. This meant that our group(s) needed to pray and ask God to lead us to a family of His choice.

Now how can a “Christmas hater Atheist” object to such a wonderful thing? If we are to learn to get along in society we may have to refocus on Christmas as a time to bless those in need, because that is what Christ did and is still doing today. It is the beauty of giving and Jesus had nothing of material value all of His life and so did the Apostles.

To make this point, Jesus asked of His Disciples to disencumber themselves by letting go of materialistic things and follow Him. The lesson Jesus was making to them was that it is better to give than to receive. I do not believe that Atheists object to the giving aspect as much as their intolerance of anyone that believes in a God that will chasten His people, because a parent would chasten their children as well.

Perhaps all of us are non-believers in that we doubt life so much. If we look at it in this context, we may be able to find a starting point when working towards getting along with each other. It may even be safe to say that we are one miracle away from being staunch believers in the Power and the Love of God in our lives.

So what is Christmas to you? Is it about January’s credit card debt has a balance that will take months to pay off, or is it about looking out for someone to bless, including our children and loved ones? In days of old people did not have credit card debt or there was so much emphasis on giving extravagant gifts as a means to get points from those they gave gifts to.

Let us redirect our thinking to be sensitive to those that do not believe the way we do. And to those that want to demean the importance of Christmas to a child or to a person that stands in need, PLEASE BE QUIET AND RESPECTFUL OF OTHERS ESPECIALLY A CHILD THAT IS INNOCENT AND DOES NOT DESERVE TO HAVE ANYONE TAKE AWAY THEIR JOY FOR CHRISTMAS!

Post Written by:

Terrance W. Norton,

Humanitarian Mentor/Orator/Writer


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Standing Firm

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Many writers write about their experiences as a way to help others experience through them. Writers often times see things from a different perspective.

Recently I canceled out of a group of writers because I felt that the group was not good for me at this point in my life. I had a real problem with someone that was not on the up and up and so this person was too critical about other writers work. This person has not written anything to mention, but critiqued others with negative comments, so I left after I reported this person to the group Moderator. I will not mention the name of the group because it would be unethical to bad mouth anyone just to get points. I do not want or need points, but I do want to make people aware that we need to stand firm against what is perceived to be not in the best interest of not only for ourselves, but for the good of the whole world collectively.

When you look at worldly events, one could certainly see that there is a separation between the wheat and the tare, which is based on a person choosing sides to whom they want to serve in Eternity. As a writer of spiritual themes, I have been challenged by disbelievers, which I do not have a problem being challenged by disbelievers because it allows us to be stretched as well as challenged to communicate with them more effectively. No, what I am referring to are the loud mouth progressives that are bent in disrupting, being mean spirited, and causing discord among people. We cannot continue to have people tear down each other when we need to work together in order for America to heal and rise up out of the ashes of contention.

I named this blog posting “Standing Firm” because “we have to know when to bend and when to fold” so we can move on to greater pastures, otherwise, these people can drain us of our precious energy. We have to be well grounded in today’s society full of scoffers and the people that want to rob us of our peace by activating contention so that they can be heard.

Standing Firm means that standing by what we believe and not letting anyone rock us from our foundation through Christ. We can pray for them and we can hope that some day they will receive enlightenment and that they will stop their abrasive behavior. I must caution you, DO NOT WAIT FOR THEM TO GET ENLIGHTENED – MOVE FORWARD DESPITE WHO THEY ARE AND WHAT THEY DO!

It is not our job to convince them of their wrong doing. However, it is our job to stand firm on what we know to be true! It is God’s job to work on their heart NOT OURS! Our job is to set an example by standing for what is righteous and right in the eyes of the Lord, so that we can receive His favorable empowerment to aid us in a fallen world of disbelievers and scoffers.  If you are not around people that edify and support each other, it is a good idea to go your way and find people that will edify each other in healthy ways. Life is too short for un-necessary conflict.

There are people that no matter what you do or say will have to be right, yet they will challenges us so they can be right. “Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy” because you cannot have both. It is part of the polarities of life. The Secular Progressives or Far Left Liberals, for instance, are people that we cannot reason very well with, because their agenda is so much more different that ours. Our agenda should be to love one another “as I have first loved you”, sayeth the Lord. We need to also find peaceful solutions to complex social problems. What comes to mind is agreeing that we can disagree. It is not easy being a Christian because we do not get to be right however, we do get to be happy!

I believe in the ripple affect and that whatever we put out to the Universe causes a ripple affect. If there is a lot of negativity spewing out into the Universe, the Universe produces negativity that comes from man’s heart and his ability to cause disharmony. Just imagine what ripple affect we can cause with learning to agree that we can disagree without the negative charge that is associated to karma?

Who knows if destiny will bring them back into your life at a more suitable time. It is imperative to arm ourselves with love so that we can combat the evils of today. “Perfect love covers all sins” and “Perfect love cast out fear”. We should be using our energy to build up the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth without submitting to anyone that is begrudged by life.A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything”.

Malcolm X


STAND FIRM- BE ENLIGHTENED WITH LOVE, because the world needs you to be enlightened when most of the world is blinded by hatred and bitterness! STAND FIRM WITH THOSE WHO ARE LIKE MINDED!

Post Written by:

Terrance W. Norton Humanitarian Mentor/Orator/Writer

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The Purpose of Life

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I believe that we evolve lesson by lessons so that we can experience life more rounded. There is a problem with that however, we have to go through the pains of life so that we can learn what the purpose of life really means to us on a personal level.


Leading By Example

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Why not YOU, why not you to rise to the demand of leadership even if it means to lift up your loved ones and as far as that goes, lifting up others as a way to lead by example? Yes, why not YOU?


Christian Politics

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Does it matter what beliefs we have by how we vote? Yes, it most certainly matters because when we vote we also have a consensus of setting a standard for living.


Smile For Me

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Today we live in such a complex and stressful life and we have forgotten how to bring joy into our lives.


The Final Judgment

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I read this posting our friend Brandon posted on Facebook and I felt that it was a very good topic to talk about. Thank you Brandon for inspiring me to write this post. The “Final Judgment” what does that mean? We know that we will be judged someday and we have to think about where […]


Women Of Integrity

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They want a woman that can multi-tasks and that we can be the ALL WRAPPED INTO ONE woman to them and for them. Men want women to be shown love, respect, and be the nurturers to them. They really want to be with a woman that is like their mother in the respect of being a woman of character and grace.


What Is Bondage?

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Calamity and chaos will be world wide and so we need to learn peaceful solutions as well as communities world- wide taking part in the global effort to fight hunger and poverty, which is also a type of bondage.