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You Were Born For A Purpose

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Do you think much about your life and what you were meant to do? Well, Dr. Bruce Wilkinson believes that all of us have a specific purpose and a given plan to fulfill, to fulfill the purpose of God given to us in this day and age.

God will take what passion you have about something and will help you build on that passion as a means to serve a purpose or a people.

I hope you will be prompted to seek what your purpose in life is, if you do not already know what it is. Perhaps by watching the video series you may discover what you are to do to serve mankind.

God wants to do a miracle in you, me, all of his children that love Him and listen to His counsel.

God Wants To Do A Miracle Through You

The Protocol of Heaven is an order that all of us need to learn. It is if the Universe has its on language and vibration, through thought mostly, Being intuitive is definitely a plus because it takes us to be in tune with the Spirit of God speaking to us and through us.

The Protocol of Heaven Part 1

The Protocol of Heaven Part 2

Protocol of Heaven Part 3

Five Signals That Guide A Miracle Delivery

Just suppose you were born to teach others as part of your purpose in life? I have included an irresistible module on teaching that I believe to be quite compelling to how a student learns and the responsibility of a teacher to teach.  This module is profound and I hope you enjoy what you learn.

7 Laws of the Learner

Teaching With Style


Post Written by:

Terrance W. Norton

Humanitarian Mentor/Orator/Writer

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What Is Christmas To You?

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Strange thing about Christmas is all of the whoop la that comes from non believers. But, Christmas is a lot more than Nativity Scenes. Christmas is more experiential in that we give to others that may be in need and how can anyone object to doing right by others?

I am sure we would find many many stories including miracles that would come from the Christmas Holiday, year after year. I know that for me I had a miracle on Christmas Even one year. I was used by God to give a miracle to a eighty something year old man that was choking on a piece of chicken. I was able to preserve the life of this man by giving him the Heimlich method.

Another time I was enrolled in a self realization course that helped us stretch out of our comfort zones. One year a family was blessed by a few of us that was in the program. We were asked to bless a family of four with a turkey and all of the trimmings. Sounds easy enough does it not? There was one condition of which we could not spend a dime of our own money. We were inspired to go to other people and involved them in what we were doing so that they would feel inclined to help us gather the items we needed to help a family in need.

We did not know who was going to be the proud recipients of this Christmas meal, because we needed to go and find a family that could really be blessed. This meant that our group(s) needed to pray and ask God to lead us to a family of His choice.

Now how can a “Christmas hater Atheist” object to such a wonderful thing? If we are to learn to get along in society we may have to refocus on Christmas as a time to bless those in need, because that is what Christ did and is still doing today. It is the beauty of giving and Jesus had nothing of material value all of His life and so did the Apostles.

To make this point, Jesus asked of His Disciples to disencumber themselves by letting go of materialistic things and follow Him. The lesson Jesus was making to them was that it is better to give than to receive. I do not believe that Atheists object to the giving aspect as much as their intolerance of anyone that believes in a God that will chasten His people, because a parent would chasten their children as well.

Perhaps all of us are non-believers in that we doubt life so much. If we look at it in this context, we may be able to find a starting point when working towards getting along with each other. It may even be safe to say that we are one miracle away from being staunch believers in the Power and the Love of God in our lives.

So what is Christmas to you? Is it about January’s credit card debt has a balance that will take months to pay off, or is it about looking out for someone to bless, including our children and loved ones? In days of old people did not have credit card debt or there was so much emphasis on giving extravagant gifts as a means to get points from those they gave gifts to.

Let us redirect our thinking to be sensitive to those that do not believe the way we do. And to those that want to demean the importance of Christmas to a child or to a person that stands in need, PLEASE BE QUIET AND RESPECTFUL OF OTHERS ESPECIALLY A CHILD THAT IS INNOCENT AND DOES NOT DESERVE TO HAVE ANYONE TAKE AWAY THEIR JOY FOR CHRISTMAS!

Post Written by:

Terrance W. Norton,

Humanitarian Mentor/Orator/Writer


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The Purpose of Life

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I believe that we evolve lesson by lessons so that we can experience life more rounded. There is a problem with that however, we have to go through the pains of life so that we can learn what the purpose of life really means to us on a personal level.


Leading By Example

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Why not YOU, why not you to rise to the demand of leadership even if it means to lift up your loved ones and as far as that goes, lifting up others as a way to lead by example? Yes, why not YOU?


The Masked Christian

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If we fall for temptation we can be mislead by going down bunny trails of troubles. We have to learn to bridle our passions because it keeps us focused on healthy living styles that is pleasing to God as well as mankind.


Christian Politics

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Does it matter what beliefs we have by how we vote? Yes, it most certainly matters because when we vote we also have a consensus of setting a standard for living.


Smile For Me

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Today we live in such a complex and stressful life and we have forgotten how to bring joy into our lives.


Life Is Very Fragile

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Why do we need a catastrophe to remind us that we can go “in the blink of an eye”. Why is it that we can get so caught up in life and making money so that we can make ends meet, that we find out how small and insignificant we are to go up against Mother Nature.


The Final Judgment

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I read this posting our friend Brandon posted on Facebook and I felt that it was a very good topic to talk about. Thank you Brandon for inspiring me to write this post. The “Final Judgment” what does that mean? We know that we will be judged someday and we have to think about where […]


Women Of Integrity

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They want a woman that can multi-tasks and that we can be the ALL WRAPPED INTO ONE woman to them and for them. Men want women to be shown love, respect, and be the nurturers to them. They really want to be with a woman that is like their mother in the respect of being a woman of character and grace.


What Is Bondage?

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Calamity and chaos will be world wide and so we need to learn peaceful solutions as well as communities world- wide taking part in the global effort to fight hunger and poverty, which is also a type of bondage.


God Is A Just God Part 1

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The point to be made is that all of us have to believe in a ” Higher Source ” of some sort. So why is religion such a problem to man, and why can we not live together in peace?