Out From The Dust We Speak

I am American. I am eighteen and yet I am twenty-one years old. I am a man that served my country because my father and grandfather has served with honor and I wanted to serve with pride just like they did, and yet I am a female that followed my dream to be a soldier. I am the elderly that came home from war when my comrades did not, and yet I lay here in the Veterans Memorial Cemetery and died as an old man with the honor of serving my country.

I am the voice that comes from the dust that speaks as one who has given my life for my country. Many people before me have sacrificed by what we believed to be a ” True Patriot “. Those of us have been buried with honor and yet many people disgrace us by dishonoring the country from which we gave our life. Why do you do this?

Why is this, we gave our life willingly and we knew the risk of serving our country, so that you may have freedom. We loved our country and we died when we gave our lives willingly, so you can publically complain about how bad you think America is.

We also know that we gave our lives so mankind will not live in tyranny. However, we know not why some complain and yet do nothing to give us honor, and so some of us have carried this burden to our graves.

Some of us that are dead have left loved ones behind, and yet we fought for what we believed in. Whether you see the vision and concerns we had for America’s future, we still fought with honor so that you will have the right for you to have free speech and you have perverted our honor and have spoke out against the country we loved and have sacrificed our lives for.

We experienced love, we had jobs, we had families just like you, and we lived the American dream and yet some of us had our lives cut short on your behalf. We fought and put down our lives because we love our country and we loved you enough to die for you.

We are dead and yet our voices come from the dust. You can hear us when you hear the Star Spangled Banner, and see what we left behind when you hear your child laugh and play. You see us in the eyes of a child as he is fancied by the soldiers uniforms we wore. You see us on the faces of the elderly of whom has lost their soul mate in battle and have had to live with their loss.

We are the dead American Patriots that speak from the dust, and all we ask from you is to give us honor. We want you to love your country and to please stop bickering about politics and learn to get along with each other. Oh, by the way one other thing, learn to be grateful for what we have done for you so you may have your chance to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness even though some of us had our lives cut short and we were not able to experience it ourselves.

May God bless America and may He continue to answer the prayers of the living and the dead!

We are the voice of the Patriots that speaks from the dust

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