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Quantum Healing- Scalar Energy

As we move forward with technology and science, we have quantum healing and physics at our fingertips. Far East cultures practice preventative medicine, while the Western Nations practice corrective medicine.

Health care costs are continuously rising while the pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies profit. Congresses’ health care plan will break the backs of the Americans that need medical care. Why not have it all? Modern Technology to prevent illness as well as corrective medical practices at an inexpensive cost to the recipient of health care.

Quantum Healing” is the best way to go as a means to correct and prevent illness. Click on the link below for more information on Quantum Healing as well as learning about Scalar Energy. Please feel free to scroll down to the bottom of the page to view theĀ  free videos.


Part 1 : Failure of Conventional Medicine

This explains the core reasons why conventional medicine has failed in controlling chronic diseases; which are responsible for 60% of all deaths in the world.

The unquestionable honesty and clarity of insight of this presentation establishes a new benchmark for objective research into the problems of conventional medicine.

Part 2: A New Global Healing System For Chronic Diseases

This describes a new system of health care for chronic diseases, based on scalar-energetic therapies, that are scientifically underpinned by research carried out by brilliant physicists over the past century.

This science of life-energy and energetic-healing therapies is completely unknown to the genetics researchers and molecular biologists involved in conventional medical research and so, what is discussed here represents a paradigm shift in medicine.

The elegance and simplicity of the new healing-system concept presented in this video, reveals a level of creativity, insight and awareness that would be impossible for anyone who still subscribes to the outdated scientific concepts of ‘Newtonian mechanics’.

This new concept for a global healing system, which has been developed exclusively by The Healing Universe, marks a watershed in the treatment of chronic diseases.

The fact that such an amazingly simple yet practical concept for a global healing system could be conceived is evidence of the enormity of shift in thinking involved – which places ‘heart-truth’ at its core.

This project is widely viewed as a sign that the era of global awakening of humanity is beginning; just as snowdrops presage the coming of Spring.

Part 3: Scalar-Energy and Scalar-Waves in Healing

This video describes with simplicity and clarity the science of scalar energy – the energy that underlies the healing technologies that are at the core of the new global healing system.

It will take you on a journey of discovery, past the barriers of quantum and wave-energy physics, into a space of new awareness where “knowing” replaces “book knowledge”.

It provides new insights into the controlling cause of all events and phenomena we observe in our world and in our lives in an easy to understand way, without compromising scientific accuracy.

This video has been proclaimed as a landmark video in the understanding of life energy and it is gaining acceptance as an educational aid in the teaching of enlightened science.
Trilogy of awakening videos – from The Healing Universe
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These videos summarize the results of several years of intensive investigation, scientific research and design work by The Healing Universe. The information is presented through audio/video, as opposed to the conventional method of ‘published papers’, so that it might be accessible to many people from different backgrounds who would otherwise be excluded.

Each of the three sections in this trilogy addresses a different aspect of the total project:

Part 1: analysis the reasons why the present system for treating chronic illnesses must be changed.

Part 2: describes the concept for the new global healing system for chronic illness that has been developed by The Healing Universe. The concept is based on a radically new way of solving problems – one that seeks alignment with our heart truth.

Part 3 reveals a physicist’s understanding of life-energy and healing-energy and how this is the same as the energy of Nature and of the Universe.

At the bottom of this page you will find suggested ways by which you might participate in, or support, this worthy and much needed project – to “bring free healing to all humanity”.
The Healing Universe
The Healing Universe – Copyright 2008-2009

We wish to thank all of the artists whose beautiful and expressive work has helped us to visually communicate information that is beyond the capability of words alone. It would not be possible to include a full list of credits, so we would respectfully ask all of the artists involved to please accept this general acknowledgment as a sincere thank you for helping us make this important educational information so accessible to so many.
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Commentary Written by: Terrance W. Norton

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