God Is A Just God Part 2

Leveling out the playing field by redistributing wealth. Wealth is a gift that comes from God and the Universe by the power of attraction, and it is not to be praised by the workmanship of our hands, nor is it to be given to others as a reward for sin. The redistributing of wealth that President Obama wants to do is bad for our country and it does not build character nor does it inspire people to be entrepreneurs. If we do not respect the gift of wealth, wealth goes and plays with someone that respects the gift that is offered. It should not be considered an entitlement because we seem to think that we are a child of a loving and giving God and that we have entitlement to it.

It does not matter when we are on our death bed; wealth, whether we have it or not, does not matter to someone fighting for their life!

When the global economy collapses what are we going to turn to for satisfaction? We need to have an understanding in what we will do to stay cool when all of the world is in chaos and violence is ramped.

In this Part 2 of ” The First Shall Be Last and The Last Shall Be First “, we will need to look into God’s will for man so that man will be able to be prepared.

When we understand the providence of God towards man by looking at it in an Eternal prospective, we will be able to understand why some have abundance and others do not have much at all. We will be able to understand the term I have chosen for the title of this blog post.

Most people believe that there is a life after death of the mortal body. This means that there is some sort of place called Eternity and that we will live the rest of our days of existence in the Eternal World. Some people believe that before we came here on earth we made a choice to live life with suffering, sorrow, and poverty. It could be a question that is stated like this, either we can live a life of suffering and it will be considered to be a short duration because of the life span as mortals on earth or we chose to wait for our inheritance from God in reference to the blessings of life Eternal.

To some of you this maybe out-landish but to others it is a key component to what they truly believe. Life Eternal is forever and that we will enjoy the blessings of Eternity compared to the short time we have here on earth. If this is so then it could be safe to believe that ” The First Shall Be Last and The Last Shall Be First ” and that God Is A Just God, would answer why some have more than others. If it were not so then God would be an unjust God that shows favor for some and not for others.

We who were born into American families should feel more special than others around the world that are living their lives in hell each and everyday of their existence. If you are one of the unfortunate people born in poverty or have been victimized by tyranny and/or experienced hardship in your life, then there will be a time and place to which you will be blessed forever. This is the blessings of Eternity because God will make it up to you because He is a fair and just God.

What we need to be mindful of is for us not to be envious of what people have and that you blame God for your suffering, when it seems like others have life easy and do not have the problems you do. It just so happens to be that I was one who was angry at God for my suffering. my heart was full of envy for people that had money and opportunities. I was angry to know that I was not blessed with a life of ease and opportunity to achieve wealth and prestige. I constantly compared myself to them and how we were so much different from each other.

Most of my life I worked hard and could not get anywhere by having success. Oh I tried so hard to bring myself out of poverty but I miserably failed. I was too broke to date women, and as a result I did not marry until my later years. This means while others lived out the American dream of having good parents, good job, security by having a bank account along with nice cars and a beautiful home, I fell short of God’s grace for me. I was not blessed to have a white wedding nor was I blessed with children. I was busy breaking the chains of generational dysfunction so I would not complicate matters more by bringing a child in this world that would end up being hurt by the affects of generational dysfunction.

All of us have some sort of ax to grind with God based by what we believe to be un-fairness. However, I was set free when I accepted this Eternal Principle and I was able to know that God Is A Just God because it gave me hope for a better future for my existence as a mortal to immortal being.

If you can bring yourself to the understanding that there is life after this one, then you can believe that you will be Eternally blessed too. It is my hope and prayer that we will hold onto the iron rod that leads us to the Tree Of Life of which the fruit thereof is sweet beyond sweet. May we stay steadfast and endure to the end so that we can partake of the fruits of our labors in this life.

Have a wonderful day and may God bless us with more Divine truths about our existence!

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