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10 Things God Will Not Ask You]

It has been reported that 89% of Americans believe in God. Most of the 89% are somewhat active in daily prayer.

We are not here to convert anyone to be a Christian as much as believing in a ” Higher Source ” of spirituality, which includes our faith towards a ” Supreme Source “ for which we draw empowerment. When speaking about faith and spirituality and how it pertains to the livelihood of being an American, we can say that America was Founded by the believers of Faith and Spirituality.

America,” The Land Of The Free ” has become a melting pot for Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and many other faiths. If we are to ” rebuild ” or ” redefine ” America so that we can rise up to the greatness of what our country once was, we will need to start with ourselves and our faith and believe systems.

It is a beatitude for us to be ” Patriotic ” when we practice Godly principles. We have to start with the youth and what is or not taught in schools. Parents need to be more proactive when it comes to what indoctrination is being done in the school system. It is obvious that our learning institutions are being attacked by non-patriotic dissidents.

One of the biggest assaults to the well being of America is being run by the minority of the secular progressives. Taking the Pledge of Allegiance out of schools because of a reference to God is like unplugging a device that has a battery and so eventually the battery ran out of juice. So did America when the cords to the fabric that kept Americans patriotic was cut.

When we look at this changing and redefining of America, it is an exciting and awesome thing for us to go through when we are making history. Yes, we are part of this wonderful movement. We have to be respectful of the gift of freedom and not let anyone tear it down. I am referring to mean spirited people that do not like the goodness of our country, but yet they do not leave the place that they hate.

Perhaps the negative people are to keep us loyal and faithful to our country and that they are being useful to us so that we will know what needs to be fixed. “People mirror what we need to know about ourselves in order for us to grow and mature mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.” ©

We see America, as it is from and by American individuals that are grouped together to be a family of Americans who needs to see how people or events mirror what we need to know about in order for us to grow and mature as a nation. We can see what needs to be done in order for America to come out of the ashes of government corruption, poncy schemes, corporate crimes, bail outs and how irresponsible our elected officials have been while they have been in office, we know that this is not the America we want.

We ask you what is your thoughts on this topic? We hope to have good discussions on this topic!

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