Many Are Called….

” Many are called but few are chosen” why is that? Perhaps it is people, common ordinary people like us that need to rise to the desperate call for humanity. It is a wonderful gift we have as ” Peace Keepers “. It is not a boastful desire to be one of the ” Children Of Light.” It is not arrogant either, especially when we want to serve the community.

When we know that we have been sent here at this particular time of this era’ in history, we know Whom we serve and we have the confidence to live a life with meaning.

We were not brought here to sit on the sidelines of life because THE BOWELS OF THE EARTH IS GROWLING AT OUR GROTESQUE SIN AND WE ARE BECOMING A FALLEN SOCIETY OF TODAY.

I do not say that in condemnation, however, I do. We have to stop sinning so much so that we can satisfy the Angels that are fighting for us on the other side of the veil. And I hope, you can believe in the sides of the veil. Do you believe in Angels?

Many of us can bear witness to the authenticity of Angels, we have seen them save us from tragedy. These are the last days and most people know that they must have a calling of some sort. I mean really do we not have a calling here on earth. Humanity is sick and is hurt and we need to give more love in the world. It just has to be a time for us to heal one another through friendship.

Friendship is what enriches our lives and it gives us a better sense of well being and purpose. When we have meaningful relationships, which includes our professional relationships, we know we have the ability to influence people to do good in the world just by our examples of kindness.

When we have the love for one another, we are able to build up communities to be more sufficiently love run for the sake of serving mankind. We were born to have healthy relationships, however, due to our inability to forgive one another makes us spiritually sterile, and as a result, we have a world of violence and terror. What could have been prevented as for the world to keep each other in check and for others to know the boundaries of human dignity?

There has to be one heck of a battle going on around the enshrouded heavens for there to be this much evil in the world today. But, THE WONDERFUL THINGS THAT ARE GOING ON BEHIND THE SCENES. GOD is in control and we need not fear. There are the people that are the ” Salt Of The Earth ” and are destined to help save humanity from their evil demise of the people in the world.

There has to be “way- showers” for peaceful living, and it is through the energy and Light of Christ that it is passed through as an opportunity for us to serve as the    ” Children of Light “. We have to step up as leaders so that we can be the light unto others because humanity is calling out from the deep bowels of the earth to the highest part of the Universe because of the sin that is here on earth.

We have to ponder and pray for guidance often so that we can effectively do the work of the Lord because of the compassion you have for humanity.

Compassion does hurt at times. Unfortunately, compassion has a way of going into depths of your core beliefs and challenged to do something about it, especially when we are called to express them to others. Compassion is a driving force that gives us meaning to life.  The more compassion we have in the world, the less crime and pridefulness we have that is toxic to society. Pridefulness and the arrogance of people are what has become the deteriorating factor that has plagued man because often times it opposes that which is good.

We need to stand up and denounce a person’s actions and behaviors as not acceptable so that we defend what values we have left within our society.

Not everyone has the same values as we do. There are times when a parent fails to prepare their children to be meet the world with appropriateness, we have to teach them even if it means standing up to them so they can be taught social ethics and respect for mankind.

Most of us probably know who we are and have come to be a part of bringing peace and insight to a generation who needs it the most. Sure we have generational dysfunction all over the place and it seems like they should have learned social grace but unfortunately, they have become part of the problem instead of being part of the solution. Well, we need to teach them lovingly and at times boldly. It is tough love but when it comes down to it we have to stand for something far more important than ourselves.

You know who you are and most likely you know that you have the power to influence that which is good and that you can promote civility.

Your leadership skills mixed with the nice flavor of compassion can change a community one community at a time. Look at how fast we can heal the world when we do our part to douse out the abhorrent social sins of today by denouncing bad and unacceptable behavior.

May we live our lives with transparency so that we are confident in who we are and how important we are to God because He created us for His pleasure and His Work and Glory.

My wife and I want to serve as humanitarian missionaries. We would love to go down to South America and visit the orphanages down there. There is a call for people to lead the way and for us to learn how to resolve conflicts before they occur. Just that alone would have and could have saved many unnecessary wars of the past.

I hope that by reading this blog posting that you will be prompted to follow your righteous dreams and that you will have the Lord’s favor so you may be effective in what you do. May we all have restored hope often so that we have the clarity of mind and soul to do this kind of work.

“I said it may not be easy, but it is worth it! “

Have a Nice Day!


Terrance W. Norton, Humanitarian Mentor/Orator/Free Lance Writer


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