Community Spirit


What Is Community Spirit?

Let us consider embracing Community Spirit standards from the “Old Wild West”, where communities helped each other when a need arose.

Do you understand my meaning of “Old West” type of Community Spirit? I am thinking of a farmer who has been injured and cannot plow his field. If he doesn’t plow he can’t plant, and if he doesn’t plant there will be no food to eat or income to come from his crop. Having the type of “Old Wild West” Community Spirit is when people from the community (churches or neighborhoods) show up to plow his field and plant his crop.

In general, we’ve become so narcissistic (self-focused) in satisfying our own needs that we forget to notice the suffering of others. Indeed, our focus is on obtaining necessities and on what we want but don’t have yet. This is when we look elsewhere (outside of ourselves or to others) for satisfaction.

We look elsewhere because we think we cannot do it on our own or we recognize that we really don’t have the ability to do it ourselves. The truth is because we are unwilling to wait for what we want or need, we put more effort into getting help for it (in the form of loans or taking short-cuts) than we do in taking the right steps to get it ourselves after our own efforts and use of creativity.

As a community, we need to have the same “Old Wild West Spirit” in helping people who need assistance. People often NEED something that they can’t get on their own — such as a farmer needing help with his field — and we can help them when we have the right attitude.

Community Spirit is not about helping people obtain a WISH or WANT, although it is a worthy thing to do if it does not affect their ability to be self-reliant, and doing so makes us feel good, it’s about helping to satisfy legitimate NEEDS first.

It is disheartening when we see people placing more priority on their own wishes or wants than they do on helping someone. On the other hand, however, we see people who get very angry if they don’t get the assistance they expect and/or demand because they’ve become dependent instead of self-reliant.

Demanding people have a bad attitude towards those who have money and expect them to help fill the void. It’s true that they need help, but NO ONE is required to give assistance (even when it is demanded) when he does not try to help himself first.

We were created with a brain and a body to do things for ourselves. As such, we are expected to care for our personal and family’s needs when we are able. When we are not able, those who can assist us are expected to help instead of lavishing themselves with STUFF they don’t really need. There is nothing more pathetic than an excessively wealthy person ignoring the needy. It is sickening!

An example of looking outside of our community for assistance is looking to government programs now for satisfying our basic needs. Slowly, we’ve given up on our own ability to be self-reliant because we think that’s what we have to do to get what we need from government. I understand the reasons we think this is true, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Perhaps we need to tweak our perspective a little so that we see things from a different perspective.

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  • lovmor says:

    I love this article Judy! I wanted to add a comment to your post. I hope that those who say that we are going into an age of consciousness are right. We need to be responsible for our actions and then make things right with that person.
    I have believe this for a long time… To be dictated by our own consciousness, but sadly not many people live the lives by the Golden Rule. “Love one another as I have loved you”
    Thanks for the good read!

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