Community Of Trees

These times are days of trial and divisiveness but it doesn’t have to be that way. We can make our community be whatever we want it to be. It is within our power to affect the community we live in by what we do for others. For example, we can become a Grove of Trees.

We Can Become a Grove of Trees

Since the manufacturing era began, Community Spirit has changed and our expectations of how we should function as a society have changed. This means that we no longer think about helping out friends and neighbors.

Unfortunately, there are fewer people in communities today that stop a minute and think about helping each other. We just plain miss the boat when we allow opportunities to pass by that engage us in community service. and in giving a helping hand to someone who needs our help. Likely, it’s only that we didn’t know what people around us need or we would help them. Those missed opportunities are missed blessings for us and also for the person we could have helped.

Knowing what goes on in our own communities and neighborhoods not only makes us safer but also makes us more likely to respond to a situation because we know about it. Perhaps this is a good time to consider our own Community Spirit and our own need to engage when we see an opportunity.

One way we can help is when we see a person suffering a life storm. We all suffer from a life storm at one time or another,it’s just part of living life on this planet. In order for us to weather these storms, we need to stand together– as if we are a grove of trees– for strength and protection from the storm.

Have you noticed that, when they grow naturally, trees often grow closer together and in a grove? When trees stand close enough, they can catch another as it falls and keeps it from crashing to the ground. Just as if we are a grove of trees standing close together in a grove, we can lean against another when we begin to fall.

Sometimes we see a tree tethered to a post or to another tree for support or to straighten it.  With support, we can be tethered upright as well–until such time that we can stand on our own again without needing support.

Another benefit of being as a grove of trees is that many of us are standing close enough to each other to help absorb the brunt of a life storm. In this way, we won’t have to withstand the full force of the storm by ourselves. The truth is, there is strength in standing together! We need each other to weather whatever life throws at us so that, together, we won’t have to face storms alone.

We were not meant to live life without each other. We were created to be with each other, to need each other, to understand and love each other, and to need the skills of others to do what we cannot do by ourselves. Needing each other is truly a blessing. Not allowing ourselves the benefit of needing others is a lonely place to be and is unnecessary.

It is okay to depend on communities, churches, and neighborhoods for assistance in difficult times; not only in handling life’s storms but in finding comfort in knowing that people care about us. It is also vital that we contribute back to the health and well-being of communities, churches, and neighborhoods. We have talents, gifts, and skills that we can provide to benefit others if we open up our hearts and be willing to give of ourselves. It is a blessing to give services to those who need our time and abilities.

Please help us move along this concept so people will start developing more Community Spirit and contributing to their communities, churches, and neighborhoods. By doing so, they will enjoy the blessings that only comes through serving others.

Perhaps you could speak to your church or community leaders about this subject, maybe even suggest a Town Hall meeting to discuss how to draw out more Community Spirit. In this way, you can help us promote this concept and awaken the natural desire inside people to restore their Community Spirit.

The times ahead of us are going to become very troublesome, with the dollar crashing, the economies around the world and our own are becoming a mess. Our liberties are being challenged by corruption, and Mother Nature kicking up her heels all over the world, and so we will be needing to become as a grove of trees. Are you with me?

Post Written by:

Terrance W. Norton,

Humanitarian Mentor/Orator/Free Lance Writer

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