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You Were Born For A Purpose

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Do you think much about your life and what you were meant to do? Well, Dr. Bruce Wilkinson believes that all of us have a specific purpose and a given plan to fulfill, to fulfill the purpose of God given to us in this day and age.

God will take what passion you have about something and will help you build on that passion as a means to serve a purpose or a people.

I hope you will be prompted to seek what your purpose in life is, if you do not already know what it is. Perhaps by watching the video series you may discover what you are to do to serve mankind.

God wants to do a miracle in you, me, all of his children that love Him and listen to His counsel.

God Wants To Do A Miracle Through You

The Protocol of Heaven is an order that all of us need to learn. It is if the Universe has its on language and vibration, through thought mostly, Being intuitive is definitely a plus because it takes us to be in tune with the Spirit of God speaking to us and through us.

The Protocol of Heaven Part 1

The Protocol of Heaven Part 2

Protocol of Heaven Part 3

Five Signals That Guide A Miracle Delivery

Just suppose you were born to teach others as part of your purpose in life? I have included an irresistible module on teaching that I believe to be quite compelling to how a student learns and the responsibility of a teacher to teach.  This module is profound and I hope you enjoy what you learn.

7 Laws of the Learner

Teaching With Style


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Terrance W. Norton

Humanitarian Mentor/Orator/Writer

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Leading By Example

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The other day my wife and I were talking about an acquaintance we know, and what came out of our conversation was that how can people know how to act when they do not have anyone that can be an example to them?

It is hard to lead by example because of the risk of being ridiculed by others that do not believe the same way we do. When we think about it, we can see how much our society has failed to present themselves as leaders in the how to field of ethical humanism.

Unfortunately there is a bigger problem we face today. The problem being that parents have failed to prepare their children for life situations, so they follow others that are not kosher to being respectful towards others that are in leadership roles.

Leading by example is tough because it is easier to “shoot the messenger because of the message”. Another problem we have is that people do not know if they are being lead by someone that is truly authentic in the way they say follow me because I have a plan.

There are many great deceivers in the world today and we have to look closer at the fruits of the person than listening to what they say. “Actions speak louder than words”. I cannot hear you because your actions are deafening my ears.

At the end of the day when we look at life, we can certainly see where our lives are headed because if we listen to the wrong voice given by someone with an agenda that is not cohesive to positive change in America, it cannot be good for us in the long run.

There has not been a better time in history like it is today for there to be another Gandhi to rise up and lead by example. What we need is a humanitarian leader that inspires people to do good for the sake of the world rather than our own personal ambitions. Where are these leaders and why have they not surfaced?

They will come at the appointed time according to God’s word through prophecy. I do not believe that they will be received well because Americans are looking for another charismatic rock star type of leader. For example, I believe that Mitt Romney would have been good to lead our nation, but the people did not receive him well because they were looking for a cool type of a person to be our president.

Sure there were things about Mitt Romney that did not gel right with the majority of people, why? I believe that Americans have shifted towards a more liberal stance in politics, despite the fact that we are needing to address issues such as abortion, immigration, healthcare, taxes, gun control, and many other issues that will require us to be more conservative so that we do not fall off the edge of humanity. We need to preserve wholesome ideology so that goodness does not become extinct or rare to find a leader that has a good principles and values system.

Why not YOU, why not you to rise to the demand of leadership even if it means to lift up your loved ones and as far as that goes, lifting up others as a way to lead by example? Yes, why not YOU?

“Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it is the only thing”.

Albert Schweitzer

Those who follow the crowd will never be followed by a crowd”
R. S. Donnell

A Boss vs A Leader

A boss creates fear while A leader creates confidence. A boss fixes blame instead A leader corrects mistakes. A boss knows all but A leader asks questions A boss makes work drudgery however A leader makes it interesting . A boss interested in themselves fortunately A leader is interested in the group.

By Russell H. Ewing

For more information on leading by example click here.

Post Written by:

Terrance W. Norton, Humanitarian Mentor/Orator

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