Clay and Earth Ovens

Clay and Earth Ovens are a very old and basic way of cooking. It isn’t a bad idea to put one in your backyard next to your BBQ.

Cooking outside in the hot summer is a good way to keep your house cooler so why not try these various ways of cooking. Teach your children about these alternative ways of cooking as well. It’s a good way to bring back some of the basics that have been lost in our modern times that perhaps, may be kept alive.

Build Your Own Outdoor Cob Oven

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  • lovmor says:

    I have cooked with Dutch Ovens for a long
    time but to think about having an earth oven excites me. I wonder how good food will taste when cooked naturally.
    This is a nice segment and it is quite different to be here on the Forum. I love the ideas you have had to build this kind of a Forum to where people can go to find something on several different topics.
    I spent over an hour on this website and I ran out of time, I can’t wait to come back so I can see more!

    • admin says:

      Yes and how about that peach or cherry Dutch Oven gobbler! Dutch oven cooking is great and I do believe that more and more people are going to begin to live outside of the box. I don’t believe we will have money to purchase spiking utility bills so there will be more and more people cooking alternatively.

      Thanks for your comment LovMor!

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