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There is something to be said about how far our technology has taken us. There is also something to be said about what we have lost because of the modern technology that has replaced inter-personal relationships with people.

We do not practice some of the old home remedies as well as the way of how our Forefathers lived. The people were tightly knitted people that were resourceful. Women spin their own materials and cooked without electricity. The comforts of good ol’ electricity have a setback and can and will affect us if we cannot learn how to live without electricity. We can have creative solutions when we learn that we need to churn our own butter, make our own cheese, make our own clothing, and learn how to devise our own power source so we do not have to be on the grid.

We will be posting how to videos as we cover different topics for your knowledge and contribution, it should be great Forum topics to discuss.

Please feel free to share your stories or any comment that you would like to share with the Forum members.

Here is the first of our series of videos on self-reliance and alternative living technologies. You will enjoy the video and it should give you ideas. Enjoy!


I had a call from my sister-in-law Connie and she asked me to go to this link, and so I did and I was quite impressed by what the doctor said in the video.

I wonder can this be true? Can this book with the principles of healing be my answer? I have filed for disability because of my back, and I wonder if what he says can dissolve the cyst in my back that is sitting on a nerve? Can the body actually heal in 95% of the people that have used the principles and have gained access to the area in the body that can heal?

I can only go by what people are saying about this book. Have any of you read it or have experienced a healing that you would like to share with us? Please send us your testimony as a means to give others hope and strength to overcome their pain as well as the illness that binds them.

Here is the link so you may check it out. Be sure to watch the video!




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