America Comes Together To Grow Food

There is a growing need for food because of how the economy is affecting people. More and more people struggle to put food on the table every day. People are lining up at food banks nationwide because they cannot afford to feed their families.

We have frequent disasters and it requires more community involvement. Communities need to give support to non-profit relief agencies such as the local food banks, Red Cross, and the Feeding America project.

It is alarming to know that 1 out of every 8 people, young and old, are suffering because of the lack of food. What the public does not know is that every year approximately 90 billion pounds of food ends up in landfills.

The reason for this is that there is not an inventory system in place. The purpose of the community is to give an active inventory of the produce grown in the community. It will minimize waste. There needs to be a community policy to avoid waste so we can take the produce and give to others in need.

The community policy is not to be understood as a government mandate through their control, rather putting the responsibility into the hands of organizations that can monitor.

The community will be able to fill part of the void but it is not a cure all to the problem of waste. We need to have public policy of which the communities will be held accountable, and not be part of government regulation.

It is our civic responsibility to take care one another by lifting up the  down trodden and feeding the poor. We never know when we may end up in trouble financially. Actually many Americans are finding out how vulnerable they are to changing conditions. It could be a recent job loss.

Feeding America is a wonderful organization and we should be aware of them and their multiple functions as a non profit organization. The Community Carousel and the Golden Eagles Academy Humanitarian with its desire to serve the local communities, will be able to fill in the gaps. This is contingent on our ability to work together. Churches working with other churches ecumenically. Businesses joining together to serve the people  within the community.  Non profit relief agencies working simultaneously with each other so that we can pull this great endeavor off.

It is our future and the way we will have to live in order to endure the hardships ahead. There has to be a paradigm shift take place in the way we live and the way we think about each other.

We have to do our part because there could be times that different states across the nation could be having crisis which we cannot have future breakdowns in communication from the government and the public’s need for emergency supply. We do not want to burden the emergency system anymore than it could already be experiencing.

Please get involved and join in with us to prevent future calamities. Please be apart of serving in the highest order one could serve humanity.

Article written:

by Terrance W. Norton, Editor

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