Alternative Living

We believe there are more and more people that are clamoring to the rural areas because of the need to live alternative lifestyles. This means how to videos for alternative power sources, alternative cooking techniques, and to include the beautiful videos for alternative home buildings right from the earth.

Your comments are important to all of us members and that we can be educated and edified collectively and individually. Let us hope that our way of living off from the grid and to think outside of the box, can inspire others to break the mold that is holding them back from living peaceably. This means to live well and be affordable to families that need a break on grocery costs.

Alternative Living includes growing food all year round so we as a country can be more self reliant. We hope to soften the hardships that are right around the corner, by working together as a community. Living like a community is to  use our shared resources to help those that are suffering life challenges that has kept them down.

What a wonderful time we live in today. We are experiencing America being redefined as a nation and with more sound principles. There could very well be chaos and possible rioting in the streets, which makes us want to be prepared and self reliant.

My sister Judy has coined this concept of a community living is likened to a grove of trees that can give protection to each other from the harsh environments, as well as the ability to lean on one another for strength. We would like to see our members be like a grove of trees by being proactive on the discussions. It may save someone that is looking for answers. You could be the one person to soothe an old wound while making friendships on the Forum. You maybe a way shower because of your leadership and have innate abilities to bring a community together.

Welcome to the Alternative Living segment of the Golden Eagles of America Forum and please post a comment.

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