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Some of us have gone from one social network to another. Some of them were social news type of formats. Like most of us that have experienced good things and not so good of things about that particular websites.

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  • lovmor says:

    First we have to heal ourselves before we can heal America. What I am saying is to look within ourselves and be boldly honest with ourselves, and through prayer and hope we can overcome. If you believe you can be healed,you will.

    It starts with having the courage to bring out the monster out of darkness and into the light, and eventually your light gets brighter and brighter with time. You become a way shower for people to help them overcome the sins of a perpetrator, as well as your own sin will dissipate when we ask Christ for help.
    Sin and weaknesses is to help us grow and learn so it is a good thing just do not ignore it and be complacent. Be fearless and face them with boldness with Gods help. This what I believe will ultimately heal America if we all do this.

    • admin says:

      I strongly agree with you and I would like to comment further on yours. I believe that if we turn on the stadium lights the little varmints will show their ugly heads. If we were to call them out and into the light, the varmints would shriek away because they do not like the light. The light meaning our consciousness in knowing that they are there and that we have seen them. It is a great process!

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