Hope For America

There is a growing number of people that are feeling hopeless for America’s future. When we see the news that is broadcast of countries around the world that is experience regime change due to the violence and the will of their people, it makes one question how much of a future we have as the world changes right before our eyes. Just reach back into your back pocket and pull out some hope! Now is a good time for restored hope my friends around the globe. We cannot allow ourselves to be pulled into the chaos because when we focus on events outside of our peaceful place within us, we find a sense of restored hope. It is easy to get pulled into the drama of world events and the changes that are occurring are not very assuring to us. We have to find our own peace of mind. So what are the best days coming? It is a wonderful time in history when we think of it. People around the world are crying out for regime change because they do not want to live in tyranny anymore. When you think about it we are redefining our future and that we have a wonderful opportunity to write our own destiny. Out of chaos comes order! Out of tyranny comes freedom! Out of despair comes creative solutions, of which is going on behind the scenes even though we do not see it. We just have to believe that it exists and will come forward in its own time. We are moving forward to claiming our right to live in a world of peace, even though peace and violence are opposite to each other. Satan is moving ramped throughout the world, but God is in control and He is lining up His people to arm them with hope and peace. Please do not give up because the world needs us to stand firm against the evils of today. Our God and your God will not allow satan to have his foothold in the hearts of man for too much longer. Despite the media reports we will be victorious and you have to believe that we are loved and cared for by our loving God. This means your God as who you understand him to be, will not allow his children to fail in their mortal experiences. It is the character of the media to breed bad news as well as spreading panic to people all around the world. It gives them the power to influence large masses, but remember you can always turn off the news and put on a entertaining program to watch instead of the news. Another point to consider is that we have to do our part to heal ourselves so that we are not in overwhelmed by today’s events. This means we need to break out a piece of paper and start writing names down for the people you know you should forgive. In scripture it says that ” Perfect Love Casts Out Fear “. What does that mean to you? It is the perfect love that comes from our God that gives us the strength to forgive the hardest and most vile person that did us wrong. It is this perfect love that we cast out the bitterness needed for us to have peace of mind. One day I got the idea to go onto my computer and I did list four pages of people that I needed to forgive. What I found was that some of the people I was at odds with did not matter much because it was me that put them into a box and nailed it shut. Some of the reasons why I did not want to forgive them was stupid simple things. Of course the more I got into my list of the harder people to forgive, brought tears to my eyes because it was difficult and I wanted to have peace more than I did to hold onto the bitterness. Sure it is easy to forgive others, however it profited me more when I chose to forgive the people that injured me more and then and only then I was able to have the huge burdens come off from me and I was able to find peace. There is more freedom as well as growth when we forgive someone that is hard to forgive. I felt like I had done the best thing for myself when I did the hardest thing to forgive someone that really hurt me. My dear friends I cannot express my gratitude enough for the courage it took me to forgive. It does not mean they are off the hook with what they did because they have to deal with their God on the matter. It set me free and it does not mean that they are free. It means when two of us are blinded by resentment then there is nobody that can see the light and the wisdom of forgiveness. It takes courage and it takes enough self love to not keep yourself in bondage over that person anymore. The courage needed is making the decision and acting on it as a resolute to set yourself free. As we rid ourselves of the burden of UN-forgiveness and to fill the vacuum we need to bring in humor and light heartedness. It is fairly easy to do because we are joyous as we have found a sense of renewal. I will not deny that we have a lot going on around the world and we need to know what is going on because it is likened to having oil in our lamps to be prepared. When we set ourselves free, we give way to a restored hope because we are now in a different mindset. We are better equipped to handle any crisis that comes down because we have purged the poison of resentment out from us. Another point to be made is that there is an under-current of renewed consciousness that is moving in the hearts of man. We realize that old ways does not profit us and that we want out from underneath the burdens that seemed to set us back. It is the ” New Consciousness ” thinking that is bringing hope to many of us that are seeking peace and joy in our lives. I do not know about you but I was tired of living without hope. Yes I had to go through the stages of grief and pain in order to find the pathway to a better future, just like you will in your own way. You see I have renewed hope that I am sharing with you and it is our duty to mankind to share this kind of wisdom and knowledge with each other. We are able to set the captives free through the love that we have found through this process of forgiveness and the earnest desires to be FREE. I will continue to give man the benefit of the doubt that man will find the solutions to the complex problems of today and I hope you too will be with the many of people that seeks peace. May God bless you in your journey for self discovery of the life we want to live!

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