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7076751-santiago-bernabeu-stadium-in-madrid-spain-stadium-of-final-champions-league-may-2010You may find the name of this blog posting to be quite strange, but hang on because this is something everyone needs to know about spiritual warfare.

If Satan is the Prince of Darkness and he is the Deceiver, then how come he gets away with as much as he does? Is it because we do not know how to fight the evil forces around us? I believe that many people do not know how to combat the enemy plus, we can be fighting fatigue like how someone would have battle fatigue.

Well here is a simple way to look at it. First of all I want you to think about an angel on one shoulder and an obnoxious little green loud mouth Leprechaun on the other 13001423-leprechaun-with-a-pot-of-goldshoulder, name him! Give him a name and call him out so that he knows you are aware that he is there on your shoulder. Tell him NOT TODAY!!! OR THANKS FOR SHARING NOW YOU MUST GO!!!

In the days of my drug and alcohol treatment center, I used to tell the other guys in my group about the chattering Leprechaun that would not shut up until I flicked him off from my shoulder.I did it enough times that he did not like sitting on my shoulder. I would reach back physically and flick him off from my shoulder and I would tell him “NOT TODAY” I am not going to use today and when he would chip at my emotions, I would tell him “THANK YOU FOR SHARING- YOU MUST GO NOW”.

It worked for me and it worked for a few other people that tried using the flicking technique. We have to be mindful that there is an outside force and that when we are mindful of them, they will diminish and disappear after awhile. Of course they will always try to be around us, but it is up to us to treat them like a cloud passing by without any emotional strings attached.

Of course the Leprechaun is symbolic to Satan’s followers or as some people call them, hosts. They will sit on our shoulder and try to tempt us into doing things that we should not do. They also degrade us by getting us to think that we are not any good and that we are weak. We have to remember that Christ already won the battle. Christ went down to the gates of hell and set the captives free, and Satan was defeated. What Satan is doing to us today is to have us think that he has all power to control over us or that we are subjected to his under tones of thoughts and temptations.

When those thoughts come to your mind, I want you to see yourself in a sports arena, like a stadium. 17534500-spot-lights-shining-onto-backgroundTurn on all of the stadium lights in the stadium and picture in your mind’s eye that there are demons fleeing because of the brightness of the lights is hurtful to their eyes and the light of your knowledge of them being there. It is being aware they are there that can defuse future visits from demons, and the reason for them coming back in the first place.

So many times they have gone in undetected and we were not aware of their influence on us. Now that we can become aware it is empowering to us and can level out the battle field. Remember Satan is a the Prince of Darkness and he does not like the light or our knowledge of him and his hosts being around us. He wants to deceive us. You have all the power of Christ that is within you to command them to leave and they have to leave because of the war that was won between Christ and Satan in hell and Satan lost power over man then! Remember in scripture it was said the God had to give permission for Satan to do what he did to Job.

It is quite simple and it is indeed empowering for us to have this knowledge because it pertains to our lives and how we live our lives. It is about how we can minimize the affect of sin and our inability to stay out of sin’s way. We can have the power to resist temptation but it has to be part of your regimented fight against evil. Hate the sin love the sinner!

My wife had a dream the other night because of a conversation we were having about fighting demons. In her dream it was made clear to her that we are to fight evil with good. This means in order for us to be encumbered with the power to resist evil, we need to practice the “Beatitudes” in our lives.

It makes it easier when we know who and what we are fighting against and who and what we are fighting for. When others see how we respond to ignorant people, it can be a blessing or it can be a curse if you are a practicing Christian. Yes, I said “practicing”. 

I guess we have to practice being a Christian and it is not easy to be a Christian now days because of the darkness that surrounds the earth. I believe the only difference between a Christian “Believer” is that we believe that we cannot do things on our own and that we believe in the Power of Christ that is within us, when others do not focus on a Supreme Power to guide us when they believe in themselves to run their own lives.

I hope you remember to use the technique of the stadium lights and please be VERY watchful as you see the demons flee, and if you listen close enough you may possibly be able to hear them scream with disdain of bright lights and knowingness. Yes, you had the power to thwart them off. Now that is empowering to a person looking for peace and harmony in their life!

Written by:

Terrance W. Norton

Humanitarian Mentor/Orator/ Writer




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