The Purpose of Life

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Many of us have often wondered what more there is to life, in that we work and we do errands and then the day is about over after dinner and a movie.

What is there to life is what we make of it and how we spend our time. We have to prioritize our lives so that we can live balanced lives so that we can be healthy minded and emotionally stable to being spiritually filled with having relationships that are endearing.

I believe that we evolve lesson by lessons so that we can experience life more rounded. There is a problem with that however, we have to go through the pains of life so that we can learn what the purpose of life really means to us on a personal level.

Relationships, relationships, relationships with people are the essence of life and it leads to knowing the ppurpose of life. We cannot walk around in fear anymore. Fear is the biggest block that anyone faces when they go to change. We have to be stretched in order to experience more of life, and it is a good thing even though it is very uncomfortable for just awhile. It is so worthwhile to be stretched and losing the fear by overcoming.

There are some people that feel hopeless and helpless when it comes to life’s issues. Some have had responsibility thrown at them at such an early age. Circumstances that can dramatically change a person’s life. If we believe in God or a Supreme Being, then we know that we are being watched over and so we shall not hear life and what life throws at us.

The young woman in the video below had a near death experience, listen to what she says about taking her own life because she had been fighting depression for years. I want to say that God is everywhere and He probably weeps because of the sin upon the children of His Creation.

There is a season for suffering in a person’s life and there can be many of these seasons of suffering for some strange reason than to make us stronger, or “The Art of Suffering Discloses Itself To Whom Has Learned and Understood The Art of Compassion”. (Zen) We can only hope that we as a people will learn to get along with each other, so that the “Golden Rule” can live in the hearts of man. Treat others as you would have them treat you is going to change the hearts of man soon!

We have an awakening that is going to come to pass, and it is going to dramatically affect us in wonderful ways, providing you have faith and hope in mankind. We are lost but humanity is not dead! Life and its patterns go up and down, and so we are pretty down right now and so we learn how to problem solve.

We need to have a better sense of morality. We have gotten too loose and accepting, which has made our culture to be slothful, lazy, bitter, unforgiving, prideful, and many other social ailments that degrades the dignity of God’s Creations such as we are.

We just have to believe that life will get better and that we will find ourselves through the tunnel and into the light of knowing what our purpose in life is and experiencing it, personally. Through such an experience we are able to teach others to be kinder as well as grateful for what we have been given.

You will be surprised with this woman’s story. Please pass the video on because it may save a youngster’s life.



Post Written by:

Terrance W. Norton, Humanitarian Mentor/Orator




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