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I have to say, my wife and I were watching a television series on Netflix until we got very upset with the way the script was written. I do not mind mentioning this television series because I think that Hollywood needs to know that we are tired of seeing sex, violence, and the promotion of homosexuality.

We were watching Hart of Dixie and when it came to the final episode what we saw was so wrong. The girl that plays Zoe is Rachel Bilson. How can anyone not like her? She is as cute as can be and we love her reckless innocence, but when the romantic scene with the local bartender that was very sleazy and quite the player when it came to the ladies and how he has his way with them seemed to gross us out. Why?

It seems that when we set a standard on what we choose to see in leisure time is what can be the beginning of acceptance for compromising our own personal standards of righteousness as Christians. In other words we were very entertained with Zoe’s personality as being cute and somewhat innocent, we were drawn into what we experienced to be Hollywood slime by taking something beautiful and lovely to disgusting and repulsive acts of uncalled sexual exploitation for the ratings.

Now I am not “Mr. Righteousness” by all means, but I at least have the sense to guard my mind from tantalizing worldly stuff that does not have to be. Why can we not have good wholesome stuff on television anymore? Do we have to submit to the liberal influence that degrades the dignity of man as well as degrading the importance of the family unit by not giving the support to the family unit in healthy ways.

If we fall for temptation we can be mislead by going down bunny trails of troubles. We have to learn to bridle our passions because it keeps us focused on healthy living styles that is pleasing to God as well as mankind. Who wants to be around negative and impressionable people that tear things down instead of uplifting and edifying each other like the way we were designed to be by our Creator?

I would rather be around good positive people that have standards because I know by inspiration that there are Universal Laws that pertain the the happiness of man. On the list of Universal Laws is for us to be enlightened by doing what is right, for doing what is right is better for mankind.

Many people call themselves Christians, but what are their standards for living? What do they choose to accept as norm? You cannot be a fence sitter by not choosing the side that you want to spend your entire existence on. This means Eternity!

Remember back in the year of 2012 when you accepted to pay for abortions or government funded with tax payers to pay for birth control pills, especially the morning after pill to a 14,15,or 16 year old girl? Remember when you allowed Atheists to band nativity scenes when it was fine for the Ten Commandments to be removed in public areas? Remember, remember, remember those days while we sit and wait to be judged and we only wished we would have done right in the first place. It is only then, that some people will fear God because through the reflection of time we accepted and allowed evil to cloud our judgment.

I do not apologize if I have offended anyone because we need to have someone spell it out so we get it! It is easy to be like the frog in the water when it comes to not being aware of what we allow as simple things. After awhile it gets easier to compromise and then compromise leads to more compromise, then the next thing you know we are standing in a place of unhappiness and confusion.

It is not easy being a Christian because we have a tendency to tick people off because of their own personal set of compromises as well as circumstances that put them in the pathway of sorrow. The only difference, I believe to be true is, a real Christian will ask for forgiveness and the average person has to deal with guilt and pride throughout their life. Christians know what it takes to be free while others choose to live out their guilt.

I hope and pray for the future of our nation because what once was, is at a crucial time because of our moral compass is facing south. We need to turn the direction of focus by looking up and cleaning up so that we can live in peace with each other and I hope that we will be living with less guilt and pride so that we can be truly happy.

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