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I believe that Evangelical Politics is something that all of us need to talk about. How does Evangelical Politics affect us if we are not Christians? How does it affect us whom are Christians?

Does it matter what beliefs we have by how we vote? Yes, it most certainly matters because when we vote we also have a consensus of setting a standard for living. For instance, can we live with the thought that abortion will be accepted among women when a man does not have much of a choice in the matter? Is it okay with you if God has His name taken out of schools, government meetings, our Pledge of Allegiance as well as on our currency? Afterall it is one of our liberties and that we will exercise that liberty to live peacefully amongst each other.

There are HOT topics that never were hot before, as a matter of fact some things were too taboo to talk about because it would end up that we would be in an argument when bringing up a topic like abortion. Yet, evangelicals will be voting for who fits their values, would you not agree?

If we look at the big picture we will be able to see some of these issues as to gaining ground inch by inch until controversial issues becomes accepted. How would it be if everyone had to accept gay marriage while Christians object to that kind of lifestyle?

Yes, Evangelical Politics plays a very valuable role in this election. It will be very interesting to see who wins this waged war of unseen powers and principalities.

Remember, you will be voting by the dictates of your own consciousness because of how everyone will be affected one way or another.

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Have a wonderful Election Day!

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