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I should have written this post a long time ago. I do not know about you, but I am tired of people acting ignorant to each other. What annoys me and most people that are kind, is how people act behind a computer. Some of the worst bully incidents are someone behind a computer.

People have gone off the charts in the way they use politics as a reason to be mean spirited. Another venue for people to act ignorant is computer games. Well let me tell you if you are the one that does this despicable act of cowardliness, the second that you decide to act contrary to being nice, the Universe is setting karma up for you to learn not to be that way. Ignorance is when people are too stupid to understand why their life is not working for them. Hello, whomever acts disrespectful to others will find that people will be disrespectful towards them.

We have to learn to be kind to each other and stop hiding behind a stupid computer, especially for what I call the shake and bake relationships that are formed behind a social network. However, my wife and I met on Tagged dot com and we had a very difficult time finding each other while going through the mire of people that were off the wall ignorant. Of course both of us are mature and more seasoned in life than the people that find it is easy to get even with someone from behind a computer.

The “Shake and Bake” kind of computerized relationships are relationships that are hot and steamy and yet have no substance. Shake it a little and bake a little and then voo-wella there is a relationship that is not founded on solid principles. There is nothing like dating and courting a person and being excited about being with them, naturally.

What people do not know is that we reap what we sow and it is easy to shoot yourself in the foot when it comes to being liked. It is artificial character and will NOT hold up to the hands of time. We cannot and will not put up with mean spirited people, especially far left people that want to character assassinate someone’s character and honor, just because they can.

What makes a wise man is that he knows he has the gift to tear down, but he goes against his sinful nature by doing the right thing- that is being kind!

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Terrance W. Norton, Humanitarian Mentor/Orator

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