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Welcome to the Golden Eagles of America Forum

We hope to have the Golden Eagles of America Forum be a place where some of the greatest work for humanity will take place.  We will also be coming out with the Golden Eagles of America Symposium to where it is designed for Master Mind groups talk about resolving social, financial, humanitarian, political, communicable, and personal issues so our nation can endure the tough times ahead.

We are hope that there will be many concerned citizens that want to make our nation a nation that responds to the needs of others. We hope to form lasting relationships with our Symposium forum.

My wife and I are working on a community project that we need to have help in organizing this massive project. The Community Carousel is a place where resources are shared with people that are needing help. It is also a place for teaching the public how to be self-reliant. The classes offered in the establishment will have classes on:

  • food growing hydroponics
  • spinning and weaving to make your own clothing
  • how to videos and instruction for creating your own power off the grid, how to build a home-made 40′ greenhouse
  • training center for youth speakers and youth involvement with community projects
  • ways to build up a community so the community can thrive while going through economic down-turns
  • establishing and maintaining civilian emergency relief stations
  • how to deal with disasters
  • how to be prepared for disasters

We hope to inspire the public to work towards peaceful solutions while working towards edifying communities nationwide. We hope to have our work be inspiring to anyone that wants to make America a stronger and more purposeful nation. We hope you will get involved with our vision team so your ideas can be heard by others.

You may write on the wall here at the Forum and so others can bounce ideas off from yours. Individually or collectively our mission will be accomplished and we will once again establish America back to the people. America The Beautiful, The Light In The Darkness for nations that suffer tyranny and human rights issues.

***We have expanded our website so we can serve our readers more efficiently. The Forum of the Golden Eagles of America. com is now up and running.  Please, come join us in the Forum!  After we get our reader and member base you will you will need to register and login to enter into the Forum. You may register now if you wish to prevent delays ***



The Executive Staff

The Golden Eagles of America

our email addresses: info@goldeneaglesofamerica.com/ terrance@goldeneaglesofamerica.com



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  • JLS says:

    Hi, I am excited about this new forum. I feel like it opens up a dialog for members to communicate helpful ideas. Thank you for making this available.

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    • admin says:

      Well thank you JLS we are happy to have you here too! We are looking forward to hearing from you in the Forum

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